John Fetterman Releases His First Senate Ad And It Is A Must See

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman released his first ad for the Pennsylvania US Senate general election, and it delivered.

Watch the ad:

Fetterman says in the ad, “This is a race for every community across Pennsylvania. For every small town or person that’s felt left behind. For every job left or factory closed. For every person that works hard, but can’t get ahead due to costs rising. Those decisions were made for us by people that don’t know us, and that’s exactly who we are running against.”

The ad closes with “From Pennsylvania, For Pennsylvania” in big letters across the screen.

Anyone from Pennsylvania will immediately get this ad. Pennsylvanians love their own, and they look at outsiders with a skeptical eye. Pennsylvania politics has never been kind to carpetbaggers. Many of us knew that Trump was cooked in Pennsylvania in 2020 as soon as Joe Biden got into the race because Scranton Joe had Pennsylvania ties.

Dr. Oz has no Pennsylvania ties, roots in Pennsylvania, or apparent knowledge of the state. He is a celebrity who snuck over the PA/New Jersey line and won the GOP Senate nomination by the smallest margin possible.

There are some Republicans in the state already commenting that they will vote for the Pennsylvanian over the carpetbagger in November.

Republicans are already screaming socialism, but Fetterman has nailed the message that will resonate with most Pennsylvania voters.

The first Fetterman ad is how it’s done in PA.

John Fetterman releases first campaign ad
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