White House Reporter Asks Matthew McConaughey If He Was Grandstanding After Talking About Uvalde Victims

After actor and Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey movingly described Uvalde victims and their families, a White House reporter asked if he was “grandstanding.”

Video of the reporter’s question:

Matthew McConaughey’s remarks at the press briefing were incredibly moving as he showed the green Converse sneakers that were the only way that the 9- year-old victim could be identified:

McConaughey made it a point to argue that mass shootings are not a partisan issue and that everyone can agree to oppose mass shootings. Matthew McConaughey called for everybody to come together and make the Second Amendment stronger with common-sense gun laws. The actor and gun owner pointed out that responsible gun owners are tired of the Second Amendment rights being abused and hijacked by mass shooters.

McConaughey’s remarks were anything but grandstanding, and the fact that a reporter in the briefing room would shout out that question shows the degree to which D.C. reporters are shaped by Republican talking points and a complete cluelessness and lack of basic human decency by at least one reporter in the room.