Fox News Refuses To Show 1/6 Attack Footage To Their Viewers

Instead of showing the never before seen footage of the 1/6 attack, Fox News pulled back while Tucker Carlson voiced over conspiracy theories.

Video of the attack that Fox would not show:

Here is what Fox News showed:

Tucker Carlson didn’t talk about what was going on during the hearing but pushed conspiracy theories about the federal government being involved in the attack.

It was widely expected that Fox News would hold a propaganda telethon for Trump and the GOP, but the extent that which they have blacked out any footage of the hearing that might show their viewers the truth is straight out of totalitarian state-run media.

Fox’s behavior hit a new low. They have slid from conservative media to Trump and GOP propaganda.

Fox News viewers aren’t just being misinformed. They are being kept in the dark and flat out lied to by the place that touts itself to them as their source for truth.