Marco Rubio Calls The 1/6 Committee Hearings Garbage

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) claimed that the 1/6 Committee hearings are a made-for-TV event and he called the hearings garbage.

Marco Rubio Calls Hearings Into The 1/6 Attack Garbage

Video of Rubio:

Rubio said on Hannity:

If this was a real congressional hearing and not a kangaroo court and not a circus made for TV production, and not an infomercial for their political purposes, those are the questions they would be asking, that is exactly what they would be asking. It would be a review of why did the Capitol Police why didn’t the Sargent at Arms take advantage of these resources that were available? That’s what you’d be focused on, but they’re not going to be focused on that.

They moved this thing to primetime, hired a producer to put it on. This is not a fact-finding mission. This is a two-hour free documentary sponsored by virtually every major network in America, except for this one, willing to give it airtime. The only going thing about it is most Americans aren’t going to watch this garbage.

Marco Rubio Is Really Upset About The Primetime Hearings

Rubio tried to blame the Capitol Police, who were beaten and killed during the attack, to cover for Donald Trump. Marco Rubio was wrong. Exponentially more Americans will watch these hearings than will watch Fox  News.

Republicans are well aware of this fact, which is why they are attempting to discredit the hearings before they begin.

By rejecting a bipartisan 1/6 Commission, Rep. Kevin McCarthy made a strategic error that Republicans can’t recover.

Marco Rubio called the hearings on an attempt to overthrow the government garbage when it is his political future that has been thrown into the trash.

Marco Rubio Calls 1/6 hearings garbage
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