Steve Schmidt Calls For Every Republican Who Asked For A Preemptive Pardon To Be Expelled From Congress

Steve Schmidt responded to the revelation that Republicans in Congress requested preemptive pardons for participating in Trump’s coup by suggesting that they all be expelled.

Schmidt tweeted:

As Adam Schiff pointed out to Rachel Maddow, people don’t seek out preemptive pardons unless they think that they have broken the law. Legally, seeking out a preemptive pardon might not be evidence of a crime committed, but it is a red flag that when waved by members of Congress requires more investigation from law enforcement.

Every member of Congress who requested a preemptive pardon from Trump should be viewed by the DOJ as holding up a sign saying please, investigate me.

Anyone who requested a pardon from Trump before he left office has no business being in Congress because they are so corrupt that they are unable to represent the interests of their constituents.

Expulsion would be letting these Republicans off easy, and it needs to happen.


Steve Schmidt on The Rachel Maddow Show
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