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Rudy Giuliani Claims The Coup He Planned Was A Liberal Plot To Frame Trump

Rudy Giuliani is claiming that 1/6 was put together by the left to frame Trump, even though Giuliani himself planned the coup.

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Giuliani said, “This was something that was something that was put together by the left movement. Doesn’t necessarily only mean Antifa, it means others that were trying to do anything they can to destroy any attempt that Trump had to rectify the massive voter theft. It was clearly a frame-up, like Russian collusion, like the innocent Ukrainian conversation, and on, and on, and on. These people are expert at trying to frame Donald Trump.

Rudy Giuliani’s Big Lie Was The Basis For The 1/6 Attack

Rudy Giuliani was pretending like the coup plot and the 1/6 attack were two separate actions. Trump’s 1/6 rally was called “Stop The Steal.” It was based on Giuliani’s lie that the election was stolen from Trump. Without Rudy Giuliani’s Big Lie, there would have been no basis for the coup plot and the 1/6 attack.

The evidence shows that the left had nothing to do with 1/6.

Rudy Giuliani’s Name Is Going To Come Up A Lot During The 1/6 Committee Hearings

John Eastman’s emails reveal that Rudy Giuliani was Trump’s right-hand man on the coup plot. Giuliani was heavily involved with the seven-point plan to overturn the election.

Rudy Giuliani’s suggestion that the left was behind the 1/6 attack is the sort of nonsensical gibberish that got him banned from Fox News.

Of all the people who could face criminal charges for Trump’s attempted coup, Rudy Giuliani is near the top of the list, and that is why he has cooked up a liberal plot to distance himself from his potential crimes.

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