Liz Cheney Drops A Massive Evidence Bomb Against Trump And Eastman In New Video

The 1/6 Committee has released a video of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) previewing Thursday’s hearing and revealing a piece of evidence against Trump and John Eastman.

Video message from Rep. Cheney:

Liz Cheney played a clip from Trump White House lawyer Eric Herschmann where he recalled a conversation with John Eastman and said to Trump’s co-conspirator, “Now, I’m  going to give you the best free legal advice you ever getting in your life. Get a great f-ing criminal defense lawyer. You’re going to need it. Then, I hung up on him.”

The clip that Cheney played of Herschmann’s testimony was both a strong piece of evidence and an ominous warning to Trump and Eastman. The committee clearly believes that Trump and Eastman committed crimes during their attempted coup.

The clip is strong evidence because it reveals that Trump and Eastman were warned that what they were attempting to do was illegal. The former president and his lawyer were knowingly engaging in criminal activity.

The video from the 1/6 Committee was a masterful way to keep the public engaged and the information flowing while the hearings faced an unexpected delay.

Trump and Eastman knew that they were breaking the law. A federal judge has ruled that Trump and Eastman likely broke the law. 

The 1/6 Committee isn’t being shy with rolling out their evidence, as they are not only putting the pieces together for the public but also the Justice Department.