Dr. Oz Gets His Own Address Wrong On Pennsylvania Candidate Form

Mehmet Oz, the Republican nominee who just moved to the state to run for Senate, got his address wrong on his Pennsylvania candidate form.

Here is the Oz form:

Who has moved to a new state just to run for Senate, and gotten their address wrong, even though their Democratic opponent who is a lifelong Pennsylvanian has been hammering them for being a carpetbagger?

It is ridiculous that the Oz campaign pays so little attention to detail, while the candidate is under so much scrutiny that he is being referred to as Dr. New Jersey that would get his address wrong.

Oz doesn’t belong in the US Senate representing Pennsylvania. The next step will be when the Republican candidate is asked a geography question about the state and gets it wrong.

Republicans could be setting themselves up for a beating in the general election, as it has been heard even from their own voters that they are considering voting for Lt. Gov. Fetterman, or as he is referred to as “the only Pennsylvanian in the race.”

Voters can’t expect Oz to understand the concerns of the Keystone State when he can’t get his own address right.