Ted Lieu Puts Republicans In Their Place, “Intimidation Is Trump Supporters Attacking The Capitol”

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) wasn’t having any of the GOP pearl-clutching over Supreme Court Justice security.


Rep. Lieu said, “It isn’t in dispute that Democrats want to protect employees and their families who are getting threats from right-wing activists, intimidation from the far-right. You want to talk about intimidation? I’ll tell you what intimidation is? It is Trump supporters assaulting the Capitol on January 6th, brutalizing 140 police officers. That is intimidation.”

Republicans in Congress want to talk about anything besides the Capitol attack. The GOP only is concerned about guns and security when it could possibly impact one of their six Supreme Court justices.

The Supreme Court justices already have US Marshals protecting their homes. How much more security do they need?

There is more federal taxpayer-funded security outside of Brett Kavanaugh’s house than this protecting our school children.

Real intimidation is the 1/6 attack. Real intimidation is police being afraid to enter a classroom to stop a shooter because he is armed with a military-grade weapon that is so powerful that he could kill them all with ease.

That is real intimidation, and those are the topics that Republicans don’t want to discuss.