1776 Returns Doc Reveals Proud Boys Targeted 3 Loudermilk Tour Buildings

“You are the revolution. Be a part of history and fight for this country so our children don’t have to. It’s all or nothing Patriots, boldness and bravery is necessary” ~~ 1776 document said to be plan for January 6th attack, revealed in full in court on Wednesday.

It’s been a revelatory day for the attempted coup and domestic terrorist attack on our U.S. Capitol, and it’s not over yet. Federal prosecutors say a document titled “1776 Returns” was used by the Proud Boys to lay out a plan to storm the Capitol Complex and prepare for “execution day” on January 6th.

The document is nine pages long and was obtained as part of a case against former Proud Boys head Enrique Tarrio. It was referenced in March but is now out in full and reveals a list of “Targeted Buildings,” which include three of the Capitol complex buildings Rep. Loudermilk gave a tour of the day before.

The plan includes using covert operators to let the coup members into the complex. The plan was revealed within a motion for a January 6th accused member of the Proud Boys, Zachary Rehl.

Snippets from this plan:

“Storm the Winter Palace.”

Fill the buildings with patriots and communicate our demands.

To maintain control over a select few, but crucial buildings in the DC area for a set period of time, presenting our demands in unity.

We need many people as possible inside these buildings. These are OUR buildings, they are just renting space. We must show our politicians We the People are in charge.

Here’s some (more) bad news for Rep. Loudermilk: Included is a list of “Targeted Buildings,” which – you guessed it- include three of the Capitol complex buildings the Georgia Republican gave a tour of the day before, in which “tourists” are seen photographing entrances to the tunnel to the Capitol and the stairs where members were eventually evacuated. Additionally, the plan instructs the attackers to “set up meetings with reps in target buildings.”

The plan suggests they use “Covid to your advantage. Pack huge facemasks and face shields, protect your identity.” “Do Not Look Tactical At All.”

They were told to prepare for January 6th as the “execution day.”

“Distract law enforcement in the area by pulling other fire alarms around the city. This is ONLY to be done at the right time and if _______ makes the call.”

The coup attackers should “present our list of demands,” using chants listed in the document: “No Trump, No America,” “Liberty or Death,” and “We are watching.”

The “1776 Returns” plan ends with what reads a lot like a terrorist demand for a “new election” to be held on Jan. 20, which would involve the National Guard. This, they write, is non-negotiable.

The Trump terrorists write that they “love” Republicans Governor DeSantis and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). However, they are suspicious of other Republicans enough to issue a warning to Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and then Vice President Mike Pence.

“1776” isn’t new language for 1/6. GOP Representative Lauren Boebert tweeted on January 6th, “Today is 1776.”

The pieces are coming together just in time for another 1/6 Committee hearing tomorrow, Thursday, at 1 PM eastern.

Clearly, this plan is not a peaceful plan, contrary to what lawyers have claimed. It is laid out like a wannabe military plan. It’s

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