Fetterman Leads Oz 46%-37% In First PA Senate Poll

A new poll shows Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman leading Republican celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz 46%-37% in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Via: Suffolk University:

Democrat John Fetterman currently holds a lead over Mehmet Oz, his Republican opponent for US Senate, according to a Suffolk University/USA TODAY network poll of likely midterm voters in Pennsylvania. 

Voters said they supported Fetterman (46%) over Oz (37%) for the key seat that could determine whether Democrats hold the chamber and can push forward Biden’s agenda for the second half of his presidency. Thirteen percent of those polled said they were still undecided.

Democrats are running a popular Lt. Governor against a Republican candidate that a majority of Pennsylvania voters do not like. Republicans tried to pounce on Fetterman’s health, but that attack has gone nowhere because the theme that is working is that Fetterman is a Pennsylvanian who knows and understands the people of the state.

Oz did himself no favors by getting his address wrong on his Pennsylvania candidate form.

Republicans are worried that the popularity of Fetterman will hurt their candidates in other races by getting Democrats to flock to the polls. Fetterman is a powerful draw on the ballot, and it is possible that his lead will grow as Pennsylvanians get a dose of Oz.

Fetterman on Republicans
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