Loudermilk Is Now Blaming Democrats For His Capitol Tours

Rep. Barry Loudermilk is blaming House Democrats for the Capitol tours that he led because the gift shop was open.

Video of Loudermilk on Fox:

Loudermilk said, “There were hundreds of people in the Capitol complex. In fact, the Democrat(ic) leadership ordered the gift shop open on the 5th because there were so many visitors there, so Mikie Sherrill’s accusation that there were no tours allowed, well, there were no tours allowed of the Capitol, but there were plenty of people at the House office buildings because it was just another day.”

Rep. Loudermilk was not telling the truth. It was not just another day. The Capitol Police sent a letter to all members on January 4th banning tours of all Capitol buildings on January 6th and putting the Capitol on lockdown.

The Capitol was preparing for trouble, so when Loudermilk claimed that January 5th was just another day, he was lying.

Loudermilk (R-GA) has changed his story numerous times about the Capitol tours, and after the video emerged revealing that the tours were not what the Congressman claimed they were, he has a lot of explaining to do.

Blaming Democrats for opening the gift shop isn’t going to cut it because the video tells a different story than what Barry Loudermilk has been selling.