The 1/6 Committee hearing where Liz Cheney says they will name those who sought presidential pardons

The 1/6 Committee To Name The Congressional Republicans Who Sought Presidential Pardons

The 1/6 Committee will name the names of Republicans in Congress who sought presidential pardons at the end of the hearing.


Vice Chair Liz Cheney said:

I want to thank each of our witnesses before us today for your role in addressing and rebutting the false allegations of fraud at the root of January 6. Thank you for standing up for the constitution and the rule of law. Not all public officials behaved in the honorable way our witnesses did. 

At the close of today’s hearing, we will see video testimony by three members of Donald Trump’s white house staff. They will identify certain the members of congress who contacted the white house after January 6 to seek presidential pardons for their conduct.

The moment that so many Americans have been waiting for is coming. The 1/6 Committee is going to name some of the names of the people who requested presidential pardons, which suggests that those individuals believed that they broke the law with their participation in Trump’s coup plot.

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