Trump Adviser Calls Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony A Killer

A current adviser of Donald Trump called Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony a killer for the former president.

The New York Times reported:

One Trump associate, speaking on condition of anonymity, downplayed the impact of Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony, acknowledging that it painted a picture of Mr. Trump as unhinged on Jan. 6 but saying that this should surprise no one at this point.

Still, some present and former associates of Mr. Trump expressed concern that the totality of Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony would do serious damage to him politically as he considers a third presidential campaign.


One trusted current adviser called the testimony “a killer.”

When the one detail being disputed is whether or not Trump attacked the Secret Service, not whether or not Trump wanted to let armed people into his rally and lead them down to the Capitol to overthrow the government, it has been a terrible day for Trump.

It really doesn’t matter if Trump tried to assault the Secret Service. The fact that no one is disputing is that Donald Trump wanted to go to the Capitol and the Secret Service stopped him.

Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony was devastating for Trump, who has been ranting on the social media Siberia known as Truth Social all day. 

Trump has been proclaimed politically dead a million times, but the testimony today was a step closer to the criminal prosecution stake through the political heart that Trump fears most.