Justice Breyer Wastes No Time In Announcing Retirement So Ketanji Brown Jackson Can Take Over

Justice Breyer wrote in a letter to President Biden that he will retire as soon as the Supreme Court’s term for the year ends at noon on Thursday.

Breyer’s letter to Biden:

Theoretically, Breyer could have hung around and not officially announced his retirement so quickly, but after such a repulsive end of the term, it would be no surprise if Breyer had his stuff packed up in his office and was ready to bolt for the exit as soon as the term ended.

Justice Breyer had to finish out the current term, and the cases that he had already heard and voted on.

Hopefully, soon-to-be Justice Jackson will be the first in a line of future nominees that take the court away from right-wing extremism and back to sanity.

The court has never been less trusted than it is currently, so one of the main tasks facing Jackson will be to help restore the public trust and credibility that Trump’s justices have allowed Alito and Thomas to destroy.