Trump’s Own Former Defense Lawyer Just Turned On Him And Called 1/6 An Insurrection

Former Trump defense lawyer Ty Cobb said that if 1/6 was not an insurrection, he doesn’t know what is.


CNN reported:

Some of what I was hearing was from people that have defended Trump in the past. One person was Ty Cobb. He was the defense attorney in the White House representing then President Trump during the Mueller investigation. At that point, he did not believe Donald Trump should ever be charged with a crime related to that he told me this is different.

He said if this isn’t insurrection, I don’t know what is. His point was specifically about looking at this armed group of supporters, Trump knowing they were armed, wanting to rile them up at his rally, and believing that Trump may have been concurring with this hang Mike Pence chant.

Trump’s own former defense lawyers are abandoning ship. Each new 1/6 Committee hearing adds to the evidence pile against Donald Trump. The former president knew his plan was illegal. Trump knew that his supporters were armed. Donald Trump tried to join his supporters at the Capitol. Trump did not want to call off and disavow the violence.

Donald Trump is a broken person who thought that he could use violence to stay in power, and he didn’t care who had to die to keep him in office.

Trump’s own former defense lawyer is calling it an insurrection, and that is a problem for the failed ex-president.