Intriguing Jan. 6th Video of Trump in Suburban Shows Long Delay

A lot has been made about the inflammatory allegations within Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony regarding Trump’s attempt to commandeer the presidential vehicle, some of it responsible, some very irresponsible. Commentators such as Jonathan Turley should have checked to note that Agent Engel had already testified to the Committee on June 6th instead of stating that the Committee should ask the agents to testify. Others have looked at the footage of the Suburban as it moved away from the stage and posted frozen frames that they believe prove that Trump at least lunged forward. It is a ridiculous assertion, the pictures below don’t “prove” anything.

But one thing is beyond dispute. There is video below showing that the Presidential Suburban remained occupied and unmoving for a relatively long time after Trump’s speech.

If anyone has watched the Secret Service handle the president when out in the general public, whether outdoors, or inside at an event, the president is in constant motion. The Secret Service does not like the president standing or sitting in any one place for long. Security dictates the long motorcade that never stops for lights or traffic. A stationary president in an unsecured environment is one that is more vulnerable.

And that makes the video below more intriguing than all the videos with near “pretend” pictures of people making up what they see being done by a dark shadow as president. The video below shows Trump enter the presidential Suburban and then… wait. It waits over two minutes, and in those two minutes Trump does seem to be adamant and angry about something but that could be due to a Diet Coke served incorrectly. The intriguing thing is that it does appear as though the Suburban’s occupants don’t exactly know where to go, which is what one would expect if Trump was demanding to go to the Capitol but the agents insist this is not possible.

Based on this video, the vehicle sits stationary much longer than one would expect in any normal situation. In that respect and only in that respect, it strengthens Hutchinson’s testimony. It does not confirm anything.