John Fetterman Is Spending The 4th Of July Obliterating Mehmet Oz

Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is out with a new video that is an absolute destruction of his PA US Senate opponent Mehmet Oz.

Here is the video from the Fetterman campaign:

The video shows Oz and his wife in the $48 million New Jersey mansion and points out that Oz owns 9 other properties, with his latest one being in Pennsylvania. It shows the lavishness of Oz’s wealth in comparison to Pennsylvanians who can’t go on vacation this summer.


John Fetterman has jumped out to a nine-point lead over Oz. 

Donald Trump could not have chosen a worse candidate to match up against the blue-collar attitude of John Fetterman. The Lt. Governor’s attitude and values scream Pennsylvania.

So far the only thing that Oz and the Republicans have come up with has been to paint Fetterman as Bernie Sanders, and voters aren’t buying.

They also aren’t buying that Oz is a Pennsylvanian or has any kind of common touch at all.

The Pennsylvania Senate race could be out of reach for Republicans by October.

Mehmet Oz is that bad of a candidate, and John Fetterman is turning out to be that good.