President Biden Reminds Americans On The 4th Of July That Better Days Are Ahead

President Biden put his faith in the American people on the 4th of July and told the nation that better days are ahead.

Biden’s Twitter account tweeted:

Biden isn’t selling out America or trashing the great experiment of the American idea, so it remains refreshing to have a president who firmly believes in the nation, and its ability to overcome.

What was implied by Biden’s tweet is that the American people are going to have to overcome an out-of-control Supreme Court that has already taken away fundamental rights from a majority of Americans.

The idea that Americans will overcome anything because they are special isn’t accurate. Americans overcome, because they come together to defend the principles of the nation, and a majority of Americans will need to unite to defend personal freedoms such as the right to make healthcare decisions without government interference.

Democracy is under attack. Freedom is under attack, and America will overcome only if people rise up to the challenge and protect the nation.