It’s The Guns: Highland Park Shooter Legally Bought His AR-15 Style Weapon

Even after the 4th of July parade mass shooting in Highland Park, IL, Republicans continue to dance around the obvious problem of legal assault weapons.

ABC News reported:

It appears Crimo bought the rifle legally in Illinois, police said.


He was stopped at U.S. Highway 41 and Westleigh Road in Lake Forest, Illinois, where he surrendered, according to police.

A second weapon, also purchased legally by Crimo, was found in the car, police said.

A seventh person died and dozens were injured in the mass shooting where the shooter took aim from a building above the parade below.

The common thread in all of these shootings, whether they happen in Uvalde, Texas, or Highland Park, Illinois, is the ease of legal access to high-powered assault-style weapons.

Republicans are avoiding the conversation, but the recently signed into law gun control bill dealt with a lot of issues related to gun violence on the edges, but it did not deal with the ease of access to assault weapons. If the Highland Park shooter did not have an assault-style weapon, he would not have been able to get off 70 rounds so quickly.

The ease of access to guns is the problem, and for as long as Republicans remain in denial, the mass shootings will continue.

Highland Park shooting
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