More Americans Are Now Working Under Biden Than At Any Day Under Trump

President Biden has boosted employment to such a degree that more Americans are working than on any day during Trump’s presidency.

Video of President Biden:

President Biden said while commenting on the economy at the White House, “Our private sector has now recovered all of the jobs lost during the pandemic and added jobs on top of that. We have more Americans working today in the private sector than any day under my predecessor. More today than any time in American history today. In the second quarter of this year, we created more jobs than any quarter of any of my predecessors in nearly 40 years before the pandemic.”

Biden Is Getting No Credit For Historic Job Growth

Trump claimed to be the greatest jobs president in history, but he has been blown out of the water by President Biden. The media is not giving President Biden any credit for what his policies have accomplished. Gas prices are falling. Prices are dropping. Once inflation is controlled, the economy will be in a good position.

Republicans are telling a story of the economy in the dumpster, but the reality is that Biden delivered positive accomplishments that have not been seen in more than two generations.