1776 Restoration Movement Truckers Tried To March To The White House But They Got Hungry, Lost, And Tired

The 1776 Restoration Movement, which is the remaining fragments of the trucker convoy, tried to march to the White House on foot, but they got hungry tired, and lost.


The truckers were apparently marching with a child predator:

These are the same folks who got outraged by being tricked out of a promise of free Subway subs.

This is the same crew who got stuck in DC traffic and peed themselves while they were trying to protest high gas prices.

It is also the same group of people who decided to protest high gas prices by driving in circles on the DC Beltway and wasting fuel.

Getting lost on their way to protesting at the White House is very on-brand for what might be the most pathetic attempt at a protest movement in modern American history.

For all of the unintentional humor that they provide, the 1776 Restoration Movement is also made up of far-right Qanon believers, and they are at the very extreme of American society.

These are the people who have been told that the party is over, but they refuse to go home if they can find home because these people spend a lot of their time getting lost.

Who knew that a bunch of people who sit for a living would not be able to complete a two-mile march on foot?

Even by recent trucker protest standards, this was a special day of failure in the life of the 1776 Restoration Movement.