Biden Speech On Gun Violence Bill Interrupted By Parkland Dad

President Biden’s speech on the passage of bipartisan gun legislation was interrupted by Manuel Oliver, who lost his son in the Parkland shooting.


Oliver was demanding that more be done about gun violence:

Oliver made it known in advance that he was going to interrupt Biden’s speech:

The White House deserves credit for letting Oliver attend the event, even though they knew that he was going to interrupt the President.

It is understandable, and the vast majority of Americans agree that more needs to be done to prevent gun violence and mass shootings, but supporters of President Biden have expressed the opinion that it was disrespectful of Oliver to come to the White House and interrupt the President Of The United States.

Mr. Oliver was removed from the White House event because interrupting any president at the White House would get anyone kicked out, but his pain was understandable. Unlike Trump, who may have run to the White House bunker in a similar situation, President Biden asked Oliver to sit down and listen and then let him speak before he was escorted out.