DOJ Drops Bombshell On Trump That They Interviewed His Lawyer

The DOJ has testimony from Trump’s lawyer that could cause a big problem for Trump, Bannon, and other Trump defendants.

Politico reported:

Former President Donald Trump’s attorney Justin Clark interviewed with federal investigators two weeks ago, the Justice Department revealed in a court filing early Monday morning, a significant development that could reverberate in multiple investigations facing Trump’s inner circle.


The Jan. 6 select committee recently revealed that Clark interviewed with them as well, raising doubts about the Trump camp’s effort to send false slates of electors to Congress in December 2020, part of a multifaceted plan to pressure then-Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the election.

Bannon’s legal team was notified about the interview last week, which didn’t stop Trump and Steve Bannon from concocting the executive privilege scheme, which they thought would get the DOJ charges dropped and shield Trump from potential prosecution.

The DOJ was already ahead of Trump and Bannon, and their interview with Clark is bad news for anyone else in Trump’s orbit who thought that they might avoid conviction and prison by having Donald Trump dream up some magical waving of an executive privilege claim that never existed.

Steve Bannon and several of Trump’s co-conspirators could be cooked.