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Rachel Maddow Shreds The Proud Boys For Taping Their Sedition Planning

Rachel Maddow shredded the Proud Boys for taping the planning of their sedition.


Maddow said:

Apparently, the Proud Boys, a pro-Trump para-military group recorded their video conference calls which is the venue they chose for making their plans for Washington, D.C. On January 6th. The plan for the whole political presidential situation happening that they with Pence. This is the part where Stringer Bell says, are you taking notes and a criminal conspiracy? What do you thinking?

I have no advance notice about the January six investigators have got what they don’t, but Allen Fryer of The New York Times reported last month that the Proud Boys military group not only recorded the video planning sessions for January 6th, but a least one of the recordings was seized from the phone of the group’s leader by the FBI this year in 2022. Quote, and a copy was recently obtained by The Times. So these big brains in this pro-Trump fascist group. 

They, first of all, decided to do their organizing on videotape conference. Then they made recordings of those planning sessions which their leader guy held on to the recordings for at least a year after the Capitol attack.

He then had them seized by the FBI and also they have made their way to at least one reporter who was published pieces of them at The New York Times. Like I said, I don’t know exactly with the January 6th investigation has, but it’s gotta help to have guys like this right in the middle of this criminal conspiracy.

The Proud Boys set themselves up to be tried for seditious conspiracy by videotaping all of the planning.

Hubris was everywhere among Trump and his supporters. The Proud Boys likely taped their sedition, because it never occurred to them that the plot would fail and they would be held accountable.

Self-protection alone should have been enough reason not to videotape or have documentary filmmakers follow them and film their potential criminal activity.

Maddow was right. The Proud Boys made this easy for investigators and that is why they are likely be going to prison for a very long time.

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