Jamie Raskin’s 1/6 Committee Presentation Has Been Devastating For Trump

Rep. Jamie Raskin’s presentation showing Trump’s tweet and how his seditionist supporters responded to it has been devastating.

Video of Raskin:

Some of the comments from Trump supporters:

“Cops don’t have standing if they are laying on the ground in a pool of their own blood.”

  “Sure, yeah, after it was announced, that he would be there on the sixth, we thought yes, then anything else was shut out and it was going to be on the sixth.”

“Bring handcuffs and wait near the tunnels” 

Raskin added. “One post encouraged others to come with body armor, knuckles, shields, bats, pepper spray, whatever it takes.  All of those were used on the sixth. Thedonald.win featured suggestions for targeting members of congress, and encouragement to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event. While trump supporters grew more aggressive online, he continued to rile up his base on Twitter. He said there was overwhelming evidence that the election was the biggest scam in our nation’s history. As you can see, the president continued to boost the event, dozens times in the lead-up to January 6.”

Trump knew what he was doing. He wanted the violent mob at the Capitol, and Rep. Raskin’s presentation showed Trump’s intent and the willingness of his supporters to both pick up on the message and take action.

The presentation was a strong piece of evidence that destroys any GOP excuses absolving Trump of blame for the 1/6 attack.