1/6 Committee

Mike Flynn Claimed Nest Thermostats Were Controlling Voting Machines

There was testimony during the 1/6 Committee hearing that Mike Flynn believed that Nest thermostats were connected to the Internet and manipulating voting machines.


Former Trump adviser Eric Herschmann testified, “I was asking if the Democrats worked with Hugo Chavez, at one point General Flynn took out a diagram that supposedly showed people all over the world. Who was communicating with who, and some comment about Nest thermostats being connected to the internet.”

These are the people who were advising Trump. Mike Flynn was in a December 18, 2020 meeting that has been described as unhinged. The presentation by Rep. Raskin described an absolute melee in the White House where White House staff were trying to keep the crazies out as people like Mike Flynn believed that voting machines were being controlled by people around the world in a global plot to hand the election to Joe Biden.

It is insane, and millions of Republicans believe it still today.

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