Enraged And Fuming Trump Is Glued To The 1/6 Committee Hearings

Trump is described as always watching the 1/6 Committee hearings and angrily ranting about them behind closed doors.

This morning, CNN New Day host John Berman interviewed reporter Kristin Holmes who is reporting on how the hearings are impacting Trump-World Headquarters USA, Trump himself. As you might imagine, the self-obsessed man is intently watching every second of the hearings, consumed with what it means for his near future. The people around him, who – despite being around him, apparently have never met him, because they wish he would focus more on the 2022 mid-terms.

Berman started the interview off:

“Trump is always watching, we are told, riveted, according to new CNN reporting. Trump was particularly angry after hearing his former staffers and White House counsel. What have you learned?”

Holmes dove in:

“We’ve heard he’s always following these hearings and that’s much to the chagrin of those around him who would hope that he would focus on the November midterms.”

“But behind closed doors he’s always talking about these hearings, asking those around him how they think they’re playing out. In his speeches and rallies he prattles on about the committee, attacking them; his social media page is a never-ending rant, essentially just attacking leaders of the committee and even talking about more obscure members of the committee and interviews they do on cable news.”

Just as one would imagine.

It is mildly entertaining that in his rants about the Committee Trump always screams about the fact that there’s no “cross-examination” despite the fact that he was the one who ordered that there would be no bipartisan committees as offered by the Democrats. Additionally, Trump is always raging about the fact that the Committee never calls anyone “on his side,” which is interesting, given that the Committee has called Giuliani and Powell, called Trump’s own White House Counsel, Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, and Ivanka Trump, all of whom one would presume are or were “on his side.” When the Committee subpoenaed Bannon, Navarro, and Meadows, they refused to testify, claiming executive privilege. Are they on Trump’s side?

It seems Trump is most upset that Jim Jordan isn’t sitting there ranting and raving on Trump’s behalf. Oh, the irony. There are few people that the Committee would like to interview more than Jim Jordan but Jordan remains “unavailable.” It is hard to fight for Trump under oath.

Speaking of which, one can be sure that Trump is more than welcome to go to Washington, raise his hand, swear to tell the truth, and set everyone straight. He hasn’t taken advantage of the opportunity. Puzzling.