Rick Scott tells seniors and every able bodied America to get to work

Rick Scott Tells Seniors To Get To Work As GOP Eyes Gutting Social Security

While claiming that he wanted Americans to get to work despite the lowest unemployment rate in a half a century, Rick Scott said every able-bodied person should get a job.

Video of Scott on Fox News Sunday:

Scott said, “Here is what I believe. We’ve got to get Americans back to work. If you’re able-bodied, don’t have young children, incapacitated, dependant, get to work.”

Notice who Sen. Scott left off of his list. Scott didn’t mention seniors as people who should not have to get to work. The reason why Rick Scott didn’t mention seniors as people who should not be forced to get a job is that he and his party are planning to cut Social Security if they ever get total control of the federal government.

All of those 70-90-year-old Americans out there, if they are still able-bodied,  they need to get off of the government dime and get jobs. Scott’s tax plan is to make seniors on Social Security play at least $1,000 in federal income taxes a year. 

The Republican plan is to gut Social Security and Medicare by raising the age requirements and cutting benefits.

Republicans plan to pay for more tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations by forcing senior citizens back into the workforce.

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