Oz Tantrums On Fox Over John Fetterman Raising More Money Than Him

Mehmet Oz complained on Fox News that John Fetterman has raised five times more money than his campaign by running on the issues.


Laura Ingraham asked Oz why haven’t Republicans given him more money?

The TV doctor answered, “The NRSC is getting involved. The RNC have been wonderful. The state and national parties are doing their best, but the Democrats have very cleverly taken all of these issues that have come up over the summer, the Dobbs decision, the concerns about guns, and they’ve used these as excuses to raise money from Democratic loyalists. Interestingly, when Republicans get mad, we go out and vote. Democrats when they get mad, give money to their party.”

Oz is Complaining Because John Fetterman Is Running On The Issues

John Fetterman is raising money because he is running on the issues that matter to Pennsylvanians.

Research has shown that small donors are one of the most reliable indicators of candidate success because people who donate are usually the most committed voters.

Notice that Oz mentioned the national Republican Senate campaign arm and the RNC, but he never mentioned raising money from Pennsylvania voters. John Fetterman has over 109,000 donors in Pennsylvania. 

Oz is counting on Trump, Rick Scott, and Mitch McConnell to fund his campaign.

John Fetterman is raising money by talking about the issues. Oz doesn’t seem to understand that candidates are supposed to live in the state that they are running in, and they are supposed to campaign on the issues.

Oz is a lousy candidate, and his complaint that Fetterman is using the issues to raise money shows why he may be heading for defeat in November.