Marco Rubio Self-Destructs Over Senate Gay Marriage Bill

Sen. Marco Rubio called codifying gay marriage a stupid waste of time

Rubio told reporters:

Rubio wasn’t done. He also claimed that gay people are more concerned about the price of gasoline than they are about their civil rights:

Rubio is clearly afraid of alienating his far-right militia voters by supporting same-sex marriage. It is easy to tell when Rubio is on the ballot in Florida because he becomes a mini-Donald Trump.

However, by telling LGBTQ+ people that their rights are a waste of time, Sen. Rubio has created a big problem for himself. Rubio could have said that he would look at the legislation. Marco Rubio could have explained why he didn’t believe it necessary to vote for the bill.

Rubio did none of those things. Instead, he labeled gay marriage a waste of time and then tried to claim that it was a minor issue for gay people.

Marco Rubio’s Democratic opponent for his Senate seat is Rep. Val Demings, and Rubio just gifted her an issue that could come back to haunt him in November.