Former Trump White House lawyer tells Jim Acosta on CNN about Trump's Georgia legal jeopardy

Trump’s Own White House Lawyer Says Trump Is In Substantial Legal Jeopardy In Georgia

A former Trump White House lawyer says that Trump has substantial legal jeopardy in Georgia.

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CNN’s Jim Acosta asked, “I just have to wonder, as somebody who served as a Trump White House lawyer, do you think that the former president is in legal jeopardy based on the case that was presented by this committee up until this point.” 

Schultz answered, “So I think there’s a ton of evidence that’s going to head over to DOJ, and DOJ is going to have to make some real decisions, and I think there’s going to be a lot more questions that come of this. Again, congress in many ways is only asking generalities. The DOJ is going to get into specifics on this thing, and they’re going to have a lot more detailed questions for a lot of the same witnesses. It remains to be seen whether an indictment comes. I do think in Georgia, there’s significant jeopardy for the former president. I think they are heading towards an indictment there. They have sent out target letters. They have hit some big names. They’re asking to come in as witnesses, and they’re being compelled to come in as witnesses and testify. And they’re not messing around in Georgia. “

Acosta added, “Yeah when I’ve talked to trump advisers, that is the one thing that I hear from them is that they’re more concerned about Fulton county really than anything else because of the seriousness of that investigation. And the fact that you heard Trump on tape saying, you know, find me these votes. And the Committee will resume these hearings in September.”

Trump’s Biggest Criminal Legal Problem Is In Georgia

Donald Trump’s biggest political problem is the 1/6 Committee, but his biggest criminal legal problem is in Georgia, where he is on tape engaging in illegal election interference, and the Fulton County DA is showing no hesitation about prosecuting him.

If Donald Trump is criminally indicted in Georgia, it will turn everything upside down in the Republican Party. One of the last pillars of Trump’s self-created mythology is that he is a Teflon don who gets away with everything.

An indictment and subsequent conviction would destroy that myth and end the political career of Donald Trump.

The 1/6 Committee has exposed Trump, but Fulton County, Georgia, may convict him.

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