Kevin McCarthy Panics And Claims Democrats Created Inflation As His Red Wave Dies

Kevin McCarthy is watching his red wave evaporate, which is why he went on Fox News and claimed that Democrats created inflation.

Video of McCarthy:

McCarthy said in response to being asked why Republicans aren’t doing better in the midterm:

Majorities are not given, they are earned. That is a poll, but let’s look what happened just in the last month. Republicans just won a seat that was 84% Hispanic, the second most Hispanic seat in the country. Biden just won it a year and a half ago by 13 points and Obama won by 22. The last time a Republican-held this seat was more than 100 years ago.

And I think when the American public sees the commitment to America, it is a plan of a new direction to put America back on track. What the Democrats have done by  creating inflation the points that you put up there, put it in perspective.

The district that McCarthy was talking about that Republicans won was a special election that Democrats did not invest heavily in because the same seat is up for election again in November, so if that is his measurement that things are going well for House Republicans, the GOP’s might be in big trouble in November.

Democrats did not create inflation. 

Inflation is a global problem caused by the pandemic.

If inflation is a Democratic created problem, why does it exist in other countries around the world where there are no Democrats?

Kevin McCarthy’s red wave has virtually evaporated. McCarthy is panicking and getting desperate to cling to his strategy of running on inflation and nothing else.

If inflation happens to start dropping before the election in November, Republicans are going to be in big trouble.

Kevin McCarthy has mismanaged this midterm election for House Republicans. It is slipping away from him, and there is nothing that he can do besides make things up as the red wave has vanished.