Reality Slaps Fox News Viewers In The Face As Democratic Congressman Debunks Maria Bartiromo’s Biden Inflation Lies

Maria Bartiromo tried to push her false claims blaming Biden solely for inflation, but Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) debunked them to her face.

Video of Khanna on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures:


 After Bartiromo blamed Biden solely for inflation, the California congressman replied, “Just to be factual on inflation, there was $3 trillion of spending under President Trump. And, yes, there was spending under Joe Biden, but it is unfair to say it’s just spending under Biden that somehow caused the inflation and not Trump. They were both parties committed to helping people rescue them from COVID. “

Bartiromo kept going, “Congressman, I just — just to be clear, Congressman, I’m looking specifically at the numbers. And when we look at the inflation timeline, which was the handover from President Trump to President Biden, this was in January of 2021, the Consumer Price Index was at 1.4%. So when you say, you know, there was spending under Trump, yes, that’s right. But when you look at actual inflation, inflation was at 1.4%. It was 2.6% in March of 2021. Then the president signed in the COVID relief law. By the time we got to July of 2021, inflation was at 5.5. Then the Democrats led the infrastructure package. That was signed into law November ’21, and inflation was  up to 6.8%. By March of 2022, right after the invasion by Russia, inflation was at 7.9%, and today we are at 8.6% from the last — above 9%, rather, for the last reading in June, 9.1% is the last reading. So we’re up to 9.1, Congressman, with all of this spending.”

Rep. Khanna cut out the heart of her argument, “But, Maria, you know correlation and causation are different. You can’t say Trump serving stimulus checks in 2020 was not inflationary ask and somehow Biden doing it in March was. What happened is we got out of covid because of vaccines developed by President Trump and President Biden distributing them, and that increased demand, and the supply was constrained, and the fed policy was wrong. But I agree with you that inflation is a major problem. The way to address it is to have more industrialization in America, to build more things in America, not to be reliant overseas.”

Joe Biden is not to blame for inflation. If inflation is a Biden-caused problem, why is every nation struggling with inflation? The answer is that inflation is an aftershock of the global pandemic. It would be just as higher or maybe higher if Donald Trump was in office.

Presidents can’t control global inflation.

If anyone thinks that Trump would not have spent trillions in taxpayer dollars, they were not paying attention during his presidency. Trump blew a hole in the deficit before the pandemic arrived.

Republicans want America to forget about their out-of-control spending, but as Rep. Khanna pointed out, President Biden is not responsible for inflation.