Nazis Wave DeSantis Flags And March At Turning Point USA Conference

Nazis marched outside of the Turning Point USA conference in Tampa, FL, where Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Josh Hawley, and others spoke.


Florida Rep. Carlos Smith tweeted:

Florida politicians focus on DeSantis, but Nazis aren’t only a Florida problem. They have been most visible because DeSantis has encouraged them with his inaction and silence, but the Nazis and other far-right threats feel comfortable showing up in places like the Turning Point USA conference because they know that they will be welcome.

The conference organizers apparently did nothing to denounce or remove the Nazis. Far-right racism and fascism have gone from being a dark corner of the Republicans to a strain of the party’s DNA.

The mainstream media should be covering the neo-Nazis in Florida. There should be images and pictures all over cable news, people denouncing their views, and the conservative conference for tolerating Nazis. Instead, there is precious little conversation about the subject.

Conservatives and Republicans hanging out with Nazis is the new normal for corporate media. Perhaps because Nazis don’t show up at Democratic or liberal events, large media companies can’t blame both sides, so the story makes them uncomfortable.

When America is fighting for democracy, the presence of Nazis can never be normalized.