Devastating Handwritten Notes Show Trump Removed Reference To Prosecuting Insurrectionists From 1/7 Speech

Notes in Trump’s handwriting on a draft of his 1/7 speech show that he removed a reference to prosecuting insurrectionists and disavowing their actions.

Here is Trump’s edited speech draft:

Trump did not want the people who attacked the Capitol prosecuted, which not only demonstrates that he approved of and encouraged their actions but also that he knew that those who committed the violence were not Antifa. Trump has spent nearly two years denying that his supporters were the violent mob, but his speech edits tell a much different story.

Donald Trump did not want to disavow the domestic terrorists. He crossed out a statement condemning the actions of the mob and refused to say that they don’t represent him.

The former president knew that the attackers were his people and that they were doing his bidding.

Never in the country’s history has a president sided with domestic terrorists attempting to overthrow the government at his request, but the 1/7 speech edits are proof of Trump’s intent. It is evidence that Donald Trump’s heart wasn’t with democracy and the people of the United States on 1/6.

Trump’s heart was where his body wanted to be, and he wanted to be at the Capitol, leading his mob in the destruction of American democracy.

Outtakes from President Trump's speech the day after the Capitol attack
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