Biden Reminds Everyone That He Still Worked And Trump Ended Up Hospitalized With COVID

President Biden compared his own vaccinated experience with COVID to Donald Trump having to be flown to the hospital when the former president got COVID.


President Biden said from The Rose Garden:

When my predecessor got COVID, he had to get in a helicopter to Walter Reed Medical Center. He was severely ill. Thankfully he recovered. When I got covid, I worked from the upstairs office at the White House for the five-day period. The difference is vaccinations of course.

But also three new tools are free to all and widely available. You don’t need to be president to get these tools to use for your defense. In fact, the same booster shots and the same at-home tests, and the same treatment that I got is available to you.


My administration has made sure all Americans across the country from all walks of life have free access to those tools. COVID was killing thousands of Americans a day when I got here. That is not the case anymore.

Biden is right. Trump recovered because he was given treatments that were not available to the public at the time. President Biden recovered using tools that are available to every American.

President Biden’s COVID response is the reason why deaths are down by 90%. Biden has led the federal government in investing in testing and treatment for those who get the virus, even if they are not vaccinated.

Even with the anti-vax movement on the right, Biden has been successful in getting Americans vaccinated.

Republicans want the nation to focus on inflation, but thanks to President Biden, fewer people are dying of COVID and American life is much more normal than it was under Donald Trump. The Trumps want credit for the vaccine, but it is Biden’s administrative know how that got the COVID death rate decreased by 90%.