John Fetterman Has Stevie Van Zandt Brutally Take Down Mehmet Oz

Former Sopranos actor and E Street Band Guitarist Stevie Van Zandt told Oz that he is in over his head in the Senate race and not to mess with John Fetterman.


Van Zandt said, “Yo, Dr. Oz, Stevie V-Z here. What are you doing in Pennsylvania? Everybody knows you live in New Jersey and are just using your in-laws’ address over there. You do not want to mess with John Fetterman, trust me. He’s a little out of your league.”

Fetterman also highlighted a new report that Dr. Oz listed his address as being in New Jersey in late 2021 political contributions, which is nearly a year after Oz claimed that he moved to Pennsylvania.

Oz also has his Turkish nationalist pals living in a secret New Jersey condo, and his FEC disclosures show that his campaign made several stops for gas in Princeton, NJ, which is odd for someone who claims to be living in and running for Pennsylvania’s US Senate seat.

The Republican nominee is not trying to hide that he is still living in New Jersey. Mehmet Oz isn’t fooling anyone in Pennsylvania, as the Fetterman campaign continues to hammer home the message that there is only one Pennsylvanian running in the US Senate election, and it is not Oz.