Jon Stewart discusses Senate Republicans blocking the PACT Act

A Furious Jon Stewart Rips Senate GOP For Blocking Vets Healthcare, “If This Is America First, America Is F-ed.”

An emotional and furious Jon Stewart unloaded on Senate Republicans for blocking an expansion of healthcare for veterans.

Jon Stewart Reacts To Republicans Blocking Healthcare For Vets

Video of Jon Stewart:

Jon Stewart said, “They already passed this bill 84-14. It is the exact same bill. They changed one sentence in the House. The sentence in the House they changed was about using rural medical practices for the VA, which apparently triggered a constitutional crisis, and it had to redone. That’s all that changed.”

Stewart was asked about today supposedly being a day of celebration for veterans.

He answered, “Yeah. It just makes the gut punch all the more devastating. These people all came down here so that they could finally tell the men and….Their constituents are dying. You’re going to get it done on recess? You know, tell their cancer to take a recess. Tell their cancer to stay home and go visit their families. This is a disgrace. If this is America first, America is f*cked.”

Senate Republicans Blocked Expanding Health Care For Veterans For No Reason

Senate Republicans blocked the largest expansion of healthcare for veterans for decades on Wednesday for no reason. The Republicans didn’t give a real reason. It is suspect that the reversal of their previous vote for the legislation was related to the announcement of a Democratic agreement on a reconciliation package by Sens. Schumer and Manchin.

Veterans are dying from cancer. Senate Republicans don’t care. Women are dying from being unable to access their needed reproductive healthcare, and Senate Republicans don’t care.

Republicans have made killing women and veterans part of their 2022 midterm election platform.

Senate Republicans want voters to give them back control of the Senate, but they are showing the American people what they will do if given that power.

People are dying, and Senate Republicans don’t care.

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