Mike Crapo admits Republicans have been lying about the inflation reduction act raising taxes at a press conference

Top Senate Republican Admits That The GOP Is Lying About Inflation Reduction Act Raising Taxes

Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) who is the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, admitted that the Reduce Inflation Act is not raising Americans’ taxes.


Crapo said at a news conference, “I will respond to the questions about those two issues. One, that it is not raising taxes on certain Americans. Technically, it’s not raising their tax rates.”

Here is the full clip:

Crapo tried to say that the American people will bear the brunt of corporations having to pay a minimum tax, and he tried to argue that in this hypothetical that could maybe, kind of, sort, of but technically not be seen as a tax increase.

Crapo’s answer was a juggling act where he tried to say that helping people is bad because corporations will have to pay more taxes, which will not be good for the American people because mumblemumblereasonsmumblemumble.

Technically, Republicans have been lying by claiming that The Reduce Inflation Act raises taxes on people making less than $400,000. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) went off during an appearance on Fox News when the network tried to spread the false claim and called it a flat-out lie. 

Republicans have been lying about The Reduce Inflation Act because they don’t want Democrats to have another major accomplishment to take to the voters to campaign on in the fall.

The GOP’s hoped-for red wave looks like a memory, and if Democrats can campaign on lowering the cost of prescription drugs, fighting inflation, and boosting both domestic and green energy production, it will give Republicans even more headaches on the campaign trail.

When Fox News or a Republican claims that The Inflation Reduction Act raises taxes, remember the words of Sen. Mike Crapo that it does not.


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