Lindsey Graham Is So Mad About Reconciliation Bill That He Is Threatening Joe Manchin

Sen. Lindsey Graham is so upset that Democrats are going to pass a bill to help the American people that he is threatening Sen. Joe Manchin.


Graham (R-SC) said at a press conference on Friday, “I’m hoping that we can come up with proposals that will make sense to a few of them and they will abandon this jihad that they on to tax and spend…To Joe Manchin, you have a game plan that counts on something you need to think long and hard about.”

Sen. Graham was saying that Republicans are going to propose amendments to the reconciliation bill that they hope will split Democrats and kill the bill. Graham’s threat to Joe Manchin was cryptic, but he seems to be warning that he will try to sink Manchin in West Virginia if he doesn’t help Republicans stop The Reduce Inflation Act.

It is always a little bit humorous to see human marshmallow Lindsey Graham try to talk tough, but Graham’s point is that Republicans are going to try to stop Democrats from lowering prescription drug prices, making healthcare cheaper, fighting climate change, and boosting domestic energy production while getting corporations to pay more taxes.

Democrats are doing what many believed to be impossible. They are passing important legislation in the middle of an election year with a 50/50 Senate, and Republicans sound desperate to stop them.

Lindsey Graham threatens Joe Manchin
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