1/6 Committee Members Are Investigating Trump Docs To Find Evidence Of Private Pardons

1/6 Committee members are investigating and looking for potential documents related to Trump and private pardons.

Robert Costa of CBS News tweeted:

The 1/6 Committee members seem to be looking into how far down the road Trump got with his plan. They want to find out if there were private pardon papers drawn up and if so, who was going to get pardoned.

The existence of any pardon papers could be viewed as a roadmap of criminality. If Trump had pardon papers ready for himself, his lawyers, and some members of Congress, those documents would point to who was involved in the illegal conspiracy to keep Trump in power.

Private pardons are a loose end of the 1/6 investigation that hasn’t gotten much attention, even though there has been some testimony about pardons being requested.

If private pardon papers exist, they would be critical evidence that Trump intended to overthrow democracy and then, after he was kept in power, pardon everyone who helped him.

The pardon question is a loose end that deserves to be tied up.