Former FBI Agent Suggests Trump Was Raided Due To National Security Issue

This site has repeatedly reported that much of the rest of the media continued to overlook what could be considered the most potentially dangerous criminal charge against Trump. Unlike the messy proof required to get a conviction on obstruction of congress or seditious conspiracy, illegal possession of top-secret files is a near self-proving crime. If the goal was to hold Trump accountable for something, then the top-secret files, some files so secret that they can’t even be named (as possible, according to former U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg as said on Rachel Maddow’s show, though that element has not proven), charging Trump with illegal possession of the files would be an obvious option. This morning, a former FBI agent assures us that the FBI wouldn’t take such an unprecedented step unless they sought information that represented a counterintelligence issue critical to national security.

According to former FBI agent Asha Rangappa on CNN:

“Trump is sort of a counterintelligence nightmare. In addition to blabbing secrets, Mar-a-Lago has a lot of traffic, including traffic from foreigners and including possible trespassers from foreign intelligence services… someone was arrested there several years ago.”


“These aren’t just the Kim Jong-un love letters. These are possibly secrets that could really harm national security and so I think they want to make sure… before they take this extreme step.”

Democrats and the Left base their assumptions upon this obvious truth. The problem is that it is not like the FBI can hold a press conference today revealing what they found and why they needed to go after these documents.

The situation is politically explosive and will motivate the MAGA movement like nothing we’ve seen to this date: