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Rep. Eric Swalwell: Biden Is A Lawmaker. Trump Is A Lawbreaker.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) summed up the difference between Biden and Trump. Biden makes laws. Trump breaks them.

Swalwell tweeted:

America is much better off with a president who is a lawmaker instead of a former president who is a lawbreaker. The country is on the upswing in part because Donald Trump is no longer neglecting the duties of the presidency as he pursued grift and self-enrichment.

President Biden delivers for the American people, while Trump only delivers for himself.

The same week that Trump was raided by the FBI, Biden has been signing legislation to boost semiconductor production and create good jobs, and expanding healthcare for vets.

President Biden has kept his promises and if inflation continues to decline, the future looks bright for Democrats. Republicans have gone all in on backing Donald Trump, and as his criminal problems grow, the failed former president could take the entire party down with him.

The lawmaker is thriving while the lawbreaker is reeling.


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