Trump Loses It And Claims The FBI Surprise Attacked Him

Trump is attempting to fan the flames of violence by labeling the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago a surprise attack.

Trump posted to Truth Social:

The FBI did not attack Trump. The FBI executed a search warrant because Donald Trump lied to the National Archives and the DOJ and withheld classified information from the United States government.

Trump learned a lesson from 1/6, and that is that if he repeats something often enough, he can inspire his supporters to acts of violence.

The failed former president’s post should be viewed as him trying to warn the DOJ to back off, or he will get his supporters to carry out acts of violence.

The problem is that his supporters would not be running up on an unarmed Congress whose police and security were outnumbered like on 1/6. If Trump tries to inspire violence against the DOJ, he is urging his supporters to go after armed law enforcement officers.

Donald Trump is attempting to incite violence, as he once again is demonstrating that he is a threat to the nation.