The officials, who have direct knowledge of the FBI’s deliberations and were granted anonymity in order to discuss sensitive matters, said the raid of Donald Trump’s Florida residence was deliberately timed to occur when the former president was away.

The FBI guessed wrong if they thought that they could downplay the media coverage by doing the search when Trump was gone. However, the coverage could have been much worse if Trump had been home. It is easy to imagine him standing outside ranting and raving while TV cameras rolled at Mar-a-Lago, so in that respect, the coverage is calmer than it could have been, but the story has still blown up.

There was immediate speculation from those who used to work for Trump that the FBI had an informant, which has turned out to be true. The Trump crime family has sprung a leak from the inside.

Donald Trump was already paranoid, so having an informant in his midst should be enough to send him over the edge.

Somebody close to Trump is talking to the feds.