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Trump Responds To Merrick Garland By Blaming Obama

Trump responded to Merrick Garland’s move to unseal the Mar-a-Lago search warrant by blaming Obama.

Instead of offering to make the search warrant public, this was Donald Trump’s response:

Obama Transferred His Documents Through The National Archives

The big problem with Trump’s claim is that Barack Obama didn’t steal the documents from the National Archives.

Obama transferred the documents through the National Archives for use in his presidential library.

In 2016, CNN reported:

The Presidential Records Act in 1978 declared all presidential and vice presidential records property of the federal government, with “custody, control and preservation” of the records delegated to the National Archives when a commander-in-chief leaves office.

That means hundreds of millions of records must be transferred from the White House to the Archives before Obama finishes his term. The physical material will go from Washington into temporary storage at a secure warehouse in the greater Chicago area, before eventually being moved into Obama’s presidential library, due to be erected on the city’s South Side.

If Trump Is Blaming Obama, He’s In Deep Trouble

When Trump tries to muddy the waters with some BS story about a Democrat doing the same thing that he is accused of, it is a sure sign that he is in deep trouble, and has no reasonable defense for his actions.

The difference between Trump and Obama is that Trump didn’t go through the National Archives. He stole the documents and took them to his Florida home.

Donald Trump broke the law, and soon, thanks to Attorney General Merrick Garland the American people will have a better idea of what Trump stole.

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