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Oz Appears To Falsely Claim That Hundreds Of People Met Him At A Diner After John Fetterman Drew 1,300+ For A Rally

Mehmet Oz claimed that a couple of hundred people met him and were cheering for him at a diner, but John Fetterman drew more than 1,300 people to a rally in Erie.

Video of Oz on Fox News:

Oz said, “Once we get the word out. Once we’re on TV talking about the issues that are relevant to Pennsylvanians. There’s no question. I just left a diner with hundreds of people cheering for us, jumping up and down rooting for us, because they know the truth about us, they know where he works. I’m in the capital. I’m in Harrisburg now, but if you to the corners of the state, people realize the truth, they all come over.”

There is nothing on Oz’s social media about hundreds of people meeting him at a diner. Oz was at a diner on Friday where he was met by dozens of supporters.

The reason why Oz’s story doesn’t pass the smell test for Pennsylvanians is that it is hard to think of a diner in the state that can hold hundreds of people. As a lifelong Pennsylvanian who has been all over the state, our diners tend to be smaller and more classic. Dozens of people are the largest capacity you’ll usually find out on the road.

It is not a coincidence that Oz is using the same excuse that failing Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance is using about TV ads.  Television ads aren’t going to help Oz, who is trailing by 14 points with a 53% negative approval rating.

Oz is having to lie about crowds in the hundreds as Fetterman draws thousands.

Mehmet Oz is impressing Fox News, but he isn’t yet making a good impression on Pennsylvania voters.

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