As Many As 6 Current Employees Could Be Informing To The FBI On Trump

The FBI is talking to at least six current Trump employees about his possession and handling of classified info at Mar-a-Lago.

The New York Times:

Mr. Philbin is among eight people who currently or used to work for Mr. Trump who have been contacted by the F.B.I. since a grand jury was formed this year. Investigators also interviewed Derek Lyons, a former White House staff secretary.

Mr. Lyons’s last day at the White House was Dec. 18, 2020, meaning he did not know how the last boxes were packed as Mr. Trump prepared to leave. But he had information about paper flow in the White House and how the former president handled material.

The F.B.I. has reached out to about a half-dozen people who currently work for Mr. Trump and who might know what documents he may still have in his possession.

Trump and Republicans are desperate to find out who informed on Trump to the FBI, but there may be more than one informant, and people who work for Donald Trump still appear to be talking to law enforcement.

Donald Trump is worried about informants, phones being bugged, and people wearing wires, but the downside of making his post-presidential home at a golf club is that there are lots of people around all of the time. Given the size of Mar-a-Lago,  and Trump’s recklessness with classified info, there are potentially a large number of witnesses for the FBI to speak to.

The fact that law enforcement continues to be concerned that Trump might still be in possession of classified information is an important development, but instead of looking for one informant, there may be as many as half a dozen.