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Trevor Noah Busts Trump For Using A Ghostwriter For His Posts

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah pointed out why there is no way that Trump wrote the statement that was released in his name after Liz Cheney lost her primary.

Video of Noah:

The Daily Show host said:

First of all, there’s no way that Trump wrote that. “Disappear into the depths of political oblivion.” Really? This is the same guy who said, “I don’t like saying ‘yesterday.’ It’s a hard word for me.” Yes-Yesterday. Yes…” Really? -Really? It’s not him. – You know, if I was to bet, he probably has some guy who just fancies up his words for him.

You know, he’s like, “I want to say something like ‘Liz Cheney, go bye-bye now.'” The person’s like, “Okay, how about ‘Disappear into the depths of political oblivion’?” He’s like, “That one is goodly, maybe the bestest, I like it.”

As president, Donald Trump had a team of West Wing staffers who tried to mimic his style and wrote some of his tweets.

Of course, Trump likely continues to use a ghostwriter. The phrase disappear into political oblivion is way too literary and lucid for Donald Trump.

Trump’s White House team intentionally tried to mess up the grammar and misspell words, but the fakes were usually easy to spot. The tweets were too logical, and the errors looked intentional.

Trump even has to cheat on his social media network, and only the willingly blind are being fooled.

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